How South Florida Creatives Are Using Design To Revitalize Miami Real Estate

How South Florida Creatives Are Using Design To Revitalize Miami Real Estate

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World-renowned  designer Robert Zemnickis, and his Nuhouse brand is leading a new generation of artists and real estate experts in pioneering a new Miami.
Miami: The New Art Capital of the World

Miami has quickly established itself as the new art and design capital of the world. It has long been a mecca for creatives, as well as home to major international music and fashion festivals. Now it is concreting its position as a leader on the international art scene in bricks and mortar.

The Wynwood Art District is pushing new boundaries on the Miami art scene, while the world’s top designer brands and leasing fashion retailers vie for more space in the hottest area shopping hubs. Almost 100,000 visitors flew in to take part in Art Basel Miami Beach in 2013, with far more anticipated for the December 4th, 2014 kick off.

Miami Real Estate as Art

Miami boasts some of the most spectacular and in-demand real estate in the world. From the Art Deco District to celebrity estates and soaring penthouses this slice of paradise offers a virtual all you can eat buffet of real estate eye candy.

Just when the most discerning buyers and art curators thought it couldn’t get any better, Miami pole vaulted past the Porsche Design Tower to meld art and real estate together with Zaha Hadid’s 1000 Museum Condo, and the dynamic new Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) overlooking Biscayne Bay.

Miami Property: Distressed & Decadent

Miami’s diversity has long been one of its greatest assets. The current South Florida property market is perfect witness to this.

A snapshot of the market provides a collage contrasting the edginess of the Walls of Wynwood, and distress of ‘The Pork and Beans’, with some of the most expensive luxury homes and condos ever built.

While the South Florida market has been a flagship in the new housing recovery and massive gains have been made, there is still a very long, long way to go.

As of mid-2014 the data showed more than 1 out of every 100 Florida housing units was in foreclosure. Many of these distressed homeowners have properties in Miami-Dade County. These owners need help. They need to know their options, and something profitable must be done with abandoned zombie foreclosures.

Fox Small Business reports that tech startups are racing to help step into the space. Many are focusing on the $300B home remodeling industry.

Founder of Nuhouse Furniture and Design, Robert Zemnickis has also thrown his ‘brush and palette’ in to the ring, but with a far different vision than most.

Robert, who has developed a reputation as a consistent leader in interior and furniture design is stepping up to help Miami property owners. In some cases this means providing the resources to stop foreclosure. For others it is help staging their Miami homes to help them sell. For some it means helping them avoid foreclosure and move gracefully by buying their distressed Miami properties for cash.

Those homes purchases through Nuhouse Investments are then transformed with renovations by the master designer’s touch, and are recycled back on to the market as unique, luxury homes that qualify as much as art as being some of the best Miami house deals on the market.

Both buyers and sellers of South Florida property will find browsing the firm’s newly redesigned website rewarding all by itself. Check out the new gateway to your Miami home solution now…


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