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Modern Remodeled Single Family Homes in Miami by NuHouse Investments

Nuhouse Investments is renovating the Miami housing scene. Providing true options that really meet the needs of struggling South Florida homeowners and offering private opportunities to individuals who would like to get higher returns on their money than with standard financial institutional products. We offer real estate investment opportunities through participating in our rehab projects and long term real estate investing. Buying distressed properties in Miami. Selling remodeled homes in Dade County. Transforming communities with beautification and design.

Nuhouse Miami

After years of remodeling the interiors of luxury Miami residences and earning acclaim as a world-renowned designer, expanding to lending his experience and connections to Miami homeowners and buyers, was only the next logical step for Robert Zemnickis.

For over two decades Robert has served South Florida’s most discerning property owners. His internationally recognized Nuhouse Design and Furniture studio has provided the material and finished experienced gracing many of the region’s most revered homes, penthouses, yachts and hotels. In 2013 he founded Nuhouse Investments along side long time business partner, industrial designer and builder, Robert Cabrera. Later on the Nuhouse team extended with the addition of Miami Realtor®, and Benchmark sales associate, Tarek Turjuman.

The Nuhouse brand extends to bring the same attention to detail, quality standards and client experience to resolving the most trying distressed property situations, and selling remodeled designer homes in Miami.

Designing Fresh Starts & New Places

The cornerstone of Nuhouse Investments’ mission is buying distressed properties in Miami.

The only thing more heartbreaking than seeing South Florida homeowners and communities in trouble is seeing them fail to find help, and seize on it. Nuhouse Investments is on a mission to turn this around with highly valuable assistance for Miami property owners.

This starts with consulting local property owners on their current situations and tailor designing solutions that really work. Through Tarek’s experience as a Realtor®, Nuhouse is able to offer both buyers and sellers professional real estate services.

Taking a truly unbiased approach Nuhouse Investments consultants help Miami home owners find the ideal option for them. This may including stopping foreclosure, short sales, refinancing homes in foreclosure, resolving title issues, intelligent home presentation for reselling, or selling distressed Miami homes for cash quickly.

For those that want to go from a stressed place to a great new place, and want to embrace a sunny new chapter in their lives, it’s time to call Nuhouse. We are buying distressed properties and selling remodeled homes in South Florida…

Re-Designing Miami Real Estate

Under Robert’s direction the NuHouse team is renovating Miami homes, and communities.

When Miami-Dade County home and condo owners are best served by selling their properties, Nuhouse Investments offers a process which can quickly get them out of their situations.

Bringing years of experience in home remodeling and unmatched style to the table Nuhouse transforms neighborhoods, breathing new life and value into homes . Applying intuitive design practices, sourcing responsible and sustainable materials and using local trade supports Miami communities, economically and environmentally.

Selling these remodeled homes in Miami elevates value and lifestyle, while providing buyers confidence in elite craftsmanship.

Nuhouse Investments is an opportunity for everyone of all income levels to participate in real estate investment opportunities. We source deals locally and nationally through a closed network of investors and sellers and provide short and long term investments that provide double digit returns on your dollar all secured by real property.

Browse available properties for sale in Miami, and previous work for a glimpse of the master’s touch in amplifying the character of Florida homes with modern sensual, bold, sleek style…

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