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33145 Positioned in the Center of the Ever-Changing Miami

Posted by Robert Zemnickis // August 4, 2015

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33145 is the south Florida zip code that is sizzling. This rising star on the Miami real estate map, Shenandoah is positioned in the center of the ever-changing Miami. A couple miles to the east of this residential neighborhood is the up and coming new Brickell City Center (BCC). BCC is a vision of urban […]

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New Homes in the Charming Miami Neighborhood of Shenandoah

Posted by Robert Zemnickis // January 4, 2015


Looking for a New House in Miami? Check Out This Sizzling Neighborhood… The sale of a newly designer renovated home in Miami’s Shenandoah, Silver Bluff area in just one day sparks interest in a sizzling new Dade County neighborhood. World-renowned designer Robert Zemnickis‘ NuHouse brand saw the incredible newly renovated home at 1643 SW 21 […]

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How South Florida Creatives Are Using Design To Revitalize Miami Real Estate

Posted by Robert Zemnickis // September 29, 2014


World-renowned  designer Robert Zemnickis, and his Nuhouse brand is leading a new generation of artists and real estate experts in pioneering a new Miami. Miami: The New Art Capital of the World Miami has quickly established itself as the new art and design capital of the world. It has long been a mecca for creatives, […]

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"We were first time home buyer and we're looking not only for a house but a place we loved."



"The moment we walked into it we knew it was it! We had seen hundreds of properties on line and had visited quite a few. We immediately had a feeling that we belonged there, that we had found our home."



"Every single detail of it is exquisite. You can tell that Nuhouse not only renovated the property but actually created a space where you feel comfortable and at home. From the high quality materials they used to the great attention to detail and aesthetic level; they didn't leave anything out. This house is just perfect. "



"Everybody was extremely helpful during the process and made sure that everything was perfect for us at the time of delivery. "



"We love our house! "


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